Maple Syrup Festival

Video by Trevor Thompson

Since 2013 every year in the early spring,  the Shrewsbury and Raglan Assembly has partnered with Giffin Maple products to put on the Annual Shrewsbury Maple Syrup Festival.
This premier fundraiser, organized by local volunteers has three elements.
A delicious breakfast of Pancakes, Sausage and Genuine 100% SW Ontario Maple Syrup.
An ecological tour of Sinclair Bush detailing how trees are tapped and how maple sugar is stored in sap
A tour of Giffins Sugar Barn, where Don shows how sap is boiled into Delicious Maple Syrup.

In The News:

Maple Syrup Facts

A maple tree lasts at least 30 years and is 12 inches in diameter before it is tapped
It produces sap all of its life, 100+ years

What makes the sap flow?
Ten's of thousands of buds, high in the tree are all growing and expanding in the spring. As they get bigger, each pulls a like a tiny pump, the sap, stored in the roots over the winter is pulled up inside the trunk through tiny tubes

Tapping does no permanent damage to the tree.

Whats that thing sticking out of the tree? It's called a “Spile”. The new plastic, 2 part spiles prevent tree disease.

How big is the hole? 19/64th of an inch

As a tree grows, more taps can be added, up to a maximum of four.

Only 10% of the sap is collected each year.

Each tap yields an average of 10 gallons of sap per season, yielding about one quart of syrup.

Warm sunny days (above 40ยบ F) and frosty nights are ideal for sap flow.

The maple season may last 4 to 6 weeks, but sap flow is heaviest for 10 to 20 days.

Sap flowing in high volumes is called a "run"

The first flow is called the "Robin Run". This flow is discarded as it flushes the lower sugar and higher mineral content sap from the tree.

The harvest season ends with the arrival of warm spring nights and early bud development in the trees.

The sugar content of sap averages 2.5% for Sugar (hard) maples 30-50 gallons of sap are evaporated to make one gallon of syrup. (About 40 to 1)

The sugar content of syrup averages 66.5%

A gallon of pure Maple Syrup weighs 11 pounds

Maple Syrup is boiled even further to produce Maple Cream, Sugar and Candy.

It takes one gallon of syrup to produce eight pounds of candy or sugar.

It's with a heavy heart that I write, telling you of the passing, on October 23rd 2017 of a good friend of the Assembly Don Giffin.

 Don was instrumental in helping the Assembly set up and run the Maple Syrup Festivals. They've been a great success. A couple years ago he tapped trees here in the village and boiled down the sap, providing three years worth of maple syrup, all for free. 

In the late winters, we'd drive around in his truck, watching eagles, looking at trees and talking about maple syrup, his favorite topic. Don was a good steward of the land and conserved the natural features that allow forests,  people and wildlife to live together.

I was very lucky to learn some small portion of what Don knew about maple syrup.

We owe Don and his surviving wife Jean, a debt of gratitude.
Condolences to his family. He will be missed. 
Goodbye old friend.

Don Giffin showing ice in the Sap

Sugar Barn

Ken Bell talking about trees

Explaining about how the sap get up the tree

Murray Knott and TerryLynn Murphy

Murry making maple taffy for the kids, No Charge

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