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Minutes of the 2016 AGM


SRA 50th, AGM
September 21st

Members Present:
Ken Bell
Basil Hartford
John Parker
Paul Van Hardeveld
Adrianna Van Hardeveld
Udo Fieback
Fiona Fieback
Tony Gaal
Deb Klippenstein
Jamie Elgie
Janet Smith
Basil Hartford
Cory Hartford
Calvin Hartford
Steven Miles
Cindy Miles
George Crawford
Beth Doherty
Tom Wilken
Mark Lucio
Ben Coll
Renee Kominek
Charlie Kominek
Kathy Stoner
Greg Bull
Greg Zolad
Rob Schweitzer
Mary Schweitzer
Call to order; Ken Bell called the meeting to order @ 7:03 PM.

Pres. K. Bell began by reading the SRA not-for-profit Charter:

To cultivate cooperative and friendly relationship among the residents of the Shrewsbury and Raglan Community; and

To provide facilities for the discussion of community projects and for the promotion of the general welfare of the Shrewsbury and Raglan Community.

Minutes of Last Meeting:
John Parker read the minutes from the 2015 AGM.

MOTION: Moved by F.Fieback, Seconded by U. Fieback “That we accept the Minutes as read by John.”  MOTION CARRIED

Treasurer's' Report:
Adrianna reported on the financial situation of the SRA year-to-date and circulated a copy for attendees to read in more detail.  Revenues for the year were $56,399.30 and Expenses were $39,,157.99 for a Net Income of $17,241.31.  The Credit Union accounts stand at $4,988.62 for the General Account, $9,352.37 for the Building and Maintenance Account, $4,546.25 for the Hall Rentals Account, and $2,574.72 in two small accounts.

MOTION: Moved by J.Elgie, Seconded by M.Lucio “To accept the Treasurer's' Report as read.”  MOTION CARRIED.

4. Nominations For Board Positions:
For Secretary: John Parker indicated that he did not wish to stand for re-election.

New member,
RENEE KOMINEK was nominated for Secretary by K.Bell Seconded by .J.Parker.  No further nominations for Secretary so the following Motion was proposed:

MOTION: Moved by K.Bell, Seconded by J.Parker
be appointed Acting Secretary and that J.Parker retain the title of Secretary until Renee is eligible to assume the title.” MOTION CARRIED

For Vice President: Jamie Elgie indicated he would stand for re-election but withdrew after another nomination was made.

Renee Kominek nominates BEN COLL for Vice President. Seconded by K. Bell,
Elected by Acclamation.

For (2) Board of Directors positions: Paul Van Hardeveld indicated he did not wish to re-offer.
Adrianna Van Hardeveld nominates FIONA FIEBACK,
J.Parker seconds the nomination

Mark Lucio nominates Deb Klippenstein but she declined
Fiona Fieback nominates Tony Gaal but he declined.

K.Bell nominates
M.Lucio seconds the nomination.
There being no further nominations, both board nominees are elected by acclamation.

4. K.Bell and B. Coll talked about the success of the “Quarter Auction” held the previous weekend. and commented that the organizers did a great job.  They raised $1,223 and are purchasing 10  new tables for the Community Center with the proceeds.  Ben Coll reported that the Community Pig Roast had decided to donate the material and labour for wiring and lighting already installed in  the Community Center pole barn.

MOTION: Moved by J.Parker, Seconded by  K. Bell “That we thank to organizers of the quarter auction and the pig roast for their hard work and for their contributions to the community center .”  MOTION CARRIED

Adrianna brought up the issue of handling of cash advances to cover purchases that members might be making on behalf of the SRA.  She stressed the importance of keeping receipts for goods purchased or the practice may have to be discontinued.

5. Bingo; John reported that the SRA has been approved to run bingos.  There followed a discussion of the pros and cons and the importance of choosing when to hold bingos. He reported that he had purchased a bingo machine that he would loan to the SRA until it decides whether to continue with bingos on a permanent basis.  There would be some risk of giving out more in prize money than we earned in sales in the initial stages an ongoing source of revenue.  To get this underway, we are planning a “Family Fun Night” featuring non-gaming on Friday, September 23 to promote upcoming “real” bingos and allow involved members a test run.
MOTION: Moved by J.Parker Seconded by Greg Zolad:
“To proceed with running a bingo.” MOTION CARRIED

UPCOMING PROJECTS:  Ken Bell outlined several projects which have been discussed during the previous year and should be prioritized moving forward:
Re-designing the roof structure over the front of the SRA building.  This would allow removal of interior bearing walls and facilitate re-design of washrooms
A walking trail around the SRA property is to be constructed by Chatham-Kent Trails at no cost to the SRA.  It is expected that this will be completed this fall.
Construction of a multi-use pavilion 12' x 20' which would save on tent rentals for Ribs and Blues and potentially be used for maple syrup production
Rehab the ball diamond – we understand there is a shortage of practice facilities in the Blenheim area and “if we build it, they will come”, however, we need to understand the costs and returns involved
A private party has offered to pay for a new sign at the front of our facility.  There is an existing base but we need cost quotes from folks able to do the work.
Discussion followed each of these topics involving priorities and suggestions as to how to proceed.  There seemed to be consensus around the importance of upgrading bathrooms and that community members could be engaged to contribute their skills to making changes happen sooner rather than later.
MOTION moved by Mark Lucio, seconded by Ken Bell that “Ben Coll to form a bathroom renovation committee and report back on a course of action.”  MOTION CARRIED

MOTION TO ADJOUN made by Calvin Hartford at 8;42PM. ADJOURNED

Next Meeting
Board and Executive
October 19th, 2016
7:00 pm

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