Friday, September 15, 2017

A volunteer organization formed for the benefit of the Community of Shrewsbury and Raglan

These are the highlights of the progress made at the Shrewsbury and Raglan Community Center over the past 5 years.


-Collected $2800.00 donations and paid back-taxes to keep the Community Centre from being sold by the municipality. 

-Received a CK partnership Grant to fix the front roof.

Community Fundraising Events

  • Roast Beef Dinner
  • Mother's Day Breakfast 
  • Movie nights
  • Halloween Dance


Received first Spectra Energy Grant.

Organized fundraisers to raise money to pay our taxes.

First Maple Syrup Festival

First Ribs and Blues Festival

Replaced broken BBQs

Started the repair of the main roof.

Updated SRA Constitution

Community Events:

  • Earth Day Cleanup
  • Crappie Tournament


Completed request for reconsideration to mpac to lower the property taxes.

Received second CK partnership grant for back roof and window replacements

Second Spectra energy Grant

Received $13,000 CK Community Foundation grant for Pole Barn

2nd Maple Syrup Festival

2nd Ribs and Blues Festival

Completed back roof

Built Alcove and Accessibility Ramp 

Installed new windows.

Begin the application process for a lottery licence

Volunteers planted 70 trees along the property perimeter

Began discussions with CK trails.

Community Events:

  • Earth Day Cleanup
  • Crappie Tournament
  • Regular Community Association meetings at the Hall
  • First Wedding held at the Center.
  • First "Fire in the Hole" Chili Cook-Off fundraiser.


Establish the legal process for the repayment of outstanding debts.

Create this website:

Third Spectra energy Grant for driveway repair.

Purchased a tractor and mower for Volunteers to cut the 4 Acre Property.

3rd Maple Syrup Festival

3rd Ribs and Blues Festival

Community Events:

  • Earth Day Cleanup
  • Crappie Tournament
  • Community Yardsale
  • Drum Circle
  • Chili Cook-off
  • Offroad Christmas Parade


Successful Motion to CK Council to have future property tax waived on the vacant properties.

Purchased of assembled Professional Playground equipment with community help.

Collected maple sap from Shrewsbury residents to make free Shrewsbury Maple Syrup

4th Spectra energy Grant

Parking Lot expansion 

4th Maple Syrup Festival

4th Ribs and Blues Festival.

Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority offers $5,000 investment in maple syrup equipment.

Second Constitution Update.

Regular Bingo's established in fall 2016.

Memorial Area established.

Further discussions with CK Trails.

Donations of New Tables, Barn Lighting and $850.00 from Community Events.

Community Events:

  • Valentine's sweetheart dance
  • Earth Day Cleanup
  • Crappie Tournament
  • Community Yard Sale
  • Drum Circle
  • Piggybank Quarter Auction
  • Chili cook-off
  • Christmas Parade


Received first half of a successful CK partnership Grant for bathroom Upgrades.

5th Maple syrup Festival

5th Ribs and Blues Festival 

       (Over $7000.00 from direct sponsorship)

Completed CK Trails planning work to begin Sept/Oct

Community Events:

  • Earth Day Cleanup
  • Crappie Tournament
  • Chili Cookoff (upcoming)

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