Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Real Winner!

Congratulations to Second Annual Shrewsbury Maple Syrup Festival Committee.
Another successful Shrewsbury event thanks to all those who came out and the skilled volunteers who made it possible.
We served 600 and had over 400 through Sinclairs Bush for guided tours, and over 400 at Giffins Barn. This year many more families with children came out which made the day nicer for everyone.
With each small success we build confidence, integrity and most importantly a strong sense of community. All funds help to repair and maintain your Shrewsbury community center.

Some of the businesses we would like to thank:

Giffin's Maple Products
Dominion and Grimm Inc. (Heather Clark and dedicated volunteers)
Delhaven Orchards
Blenheim Community Funeral Home
Molly & Oj's, Erieau
Glad Tidings Community Church
Town and Country Lumber
Pioneer Chatham
Blenheim Fire Station 18, EMS
Blenheim Arena, (thanks Chris)
Blenheim Meats
M&M Porta-Johns, Merlin
Copies & More, Blenheim
Blenheim News Tribune
and special thanks to Mike Ferren, Ivan Warriner and Bill Taylor

We'll be having another Shrewsbury Maple Syrup Festival next year at the beginning of Spring. Really look forward to seeing you again!
In two weeks, on Saturday, April 5th from 8 am to 11 am, The Shrewsbury and Raglan Assembly will offer a FREE PANCAKE BREAKFAST at the Community Center. Donations for much needed Kitchen ware would be appreciated, but regardless, come out and enjoy breakfast on us.
There will be a meeting of the Shrewsbury Community Association, this Wednesday at 7:00pm at the Shrewsbury Baptist Church.
Topics of discussion will include the Garbage petition, Earth Day, the Dock Benches,invasive Phragmites and Constitutional Amendment.

On Thursday, March 27th, 7 pm at the Community Center, there will be a Maple Syrup Fest follow-up meeting for the organizing team and volunteers. We'll discuss this year and begin plans for next year.

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